Beautiful Peacock – The National Bird of India

The magestic bird Peacock, Pavo cristatus is the national bird of India. It’s a symbol of beauty, joy, grace and love. This colourful bird has a fan-shaped crest on its head, a white patch under its eye and a long-slender neck. The male of species is more beautiful with a gleaming blue breast and an iridescent blue-green coloured plumage. The train feathers have a series of eyes and are best seen when the elongated tail is fanned. Whereas the female, Peahen or Peafowl has a mixture of dull green, brown and grey in her plumage.

Peacocks are found large in number in India. They live in forest lands near water and are also domesticated in some villages.

While Hindus believe that the Peacock is the vehicle of Lord Kumara Swamy, brother of Lord Ganesha, its figure is also painted in many Islamic religious buildings as according to them, Tawsi Melak, the “Peacock Angel” and the “Peacock King” is the most import diety of Yezidis, and in Christianity, the Peacock is known as the symbol of ‘Resurrection’.

Indian Blue PeacockIndian Blue Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock

Indian Blue Peacock

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24 thoughts on “Beautiful Peacock – The National Bird of India

  1. Excellent pghotographs of peacocks. It is proud for us to have peakcock as national bird.

  2. Alphanso Mango is king of fruits.
    Peacock is king of beautiful birds.
    Our nation should have at least 1000
    peacocks per taluka.,since it is our
    national bird.

  3. Excellent photography and thanks for sharing. Peacock is always “KING” of beauty. Proud to say “Peacock is our National Bird”.

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