Have You Ever Been So Tired?

Tired Lion

Too Tired Squirrel

Tired Cat

Sleeping Panda

Tired Dog

Tired Monkey

Tired Panda

Tired Pandas

Cat Sleeping on Phone

Too Tired Cat

Tired Squirrel

Tired Cat

Too Tired Cat

Gorilla Resting

Tired Polar Bear

Tired Dog

Sleeping Cheetah

Tired Cat and Dog

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168 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been So Tired?

  1. yes i have been that tired – how cute are all the babies. too much fun – they all look so peaceful and content.

  2. I hate to say it, but that 1st squirrel picture? He fell and impaled himself on a nail. he’s dead

  3. Dasota, I have to agree with you, squirrel pose does look awfully unnatural. especially compared to the lioness just above it. RIP little squirrel.

  4. If the squirrel had “fallen” and impaled him/herself, then there is no way his back paws would be perched like they are. I’ve seen many a squirrel do that. Sorry to disappoint all you pessimists out there, but the nails ALWAYS fall off of those things. Also they are much higher than the squirell which means he would either be floating and inch above the wood platform, or the nail would be sticking up through him. That said, I love the one with the cat in his food!

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