In Pics: The Trial of Bhagat Singh at Supreme Court Museum

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Bomb shells recovered by CID from Lahore. These became part of exhibits in the Assembly Bomb Case.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
A pair of shoes of Bhagat Singh – Bhagat Singh gifted this pair to Jaidev Kapoor, friend and co-revolutionary.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Watch of Bhagat Singh – Bhagat Singh gifted this watch to Jaidev Kapoor, his friend and co-revolutionary

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Poster of the Hunger Strike – This small poster was distributed during demonstration in Punjab highlighting hunger strike. The slogan of the poster was coined by Bhagat Singh printed by The National Art Press, Anarkali, Lahore.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
FIR (Urdu) of Bhagat Singh in Assembly Bomb Case – This FIR was registered at a police station in New Delhi against Batukeshwar Dutt and Bhagat Singh for throwing of bombs in the Legislative Assembly on 8 April 1929. Both the accused were arrested under section 3 and 4 of Explosive Substance Act.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Shirt of Bhagat Singh – Full sleeves Khaki shirt with Italian collar, market Bhagat Singh on the collar.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Pen – This pen has historical significance as it was used by the Judge to write death sentence to Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev in Saunders Murder Case. Inscribed on the broken nib is the name of the manufacturer, The Latem, Hinks Wells & Co. Registered, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Crown of Ajit Singh – During Surat Congress of 1907, Extremist Group leader Bal Gangadhar Tilak felicitated Ajit Singh by presenting him with this crown.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Inkpot bombs, 1916 – These brass inkpot bombs were recovered by police from Lahore. They were meant to keep on Judges table and designed so as to trigger the explosion as soon as the lid was opened.

Bhagath Singh Rare Photos
Cap of Sukhdev – This cap was worn by Sukhdev during his lifetime.

Image Source : Supreme Court of India

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18 thoughts on “In Pics: The Trial of Bhagat Singh at Supreme Court Museum

  1. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru, Sukhdev Dutt, Jaidev, Bismil, Asfaq, Kartar Singh Sourabha, Aazad and other members of HRA wr real heroes. And we youth should feel their sacrifice in our heart.

  2. AAJ Hum Apne AAP Ko Bahut Hi Chota Mehsoos Kar Rahe Hai
    AAJ Main Apne Sabhi Bhai Bahano Se Kehana Chata Hu Ki Zara Socho Kya Humne Apne Desh Ke liye Kuch Kiya Hai ?

  3. Jin shahidon ne is dhesh ke liye apni jaan tak de di, unhi shadon ko hamari hi sarkaren terrorist bata kar skoolon mei patati rahi. Netaji, Bhagat singh, Rajguru & Sukhdev sabhi nei Ungreji sarkaar se lad kar apni jaan de di. Par aaj hum un logon ke adharshon ko bhul chuke hein aur Bharashtchar mei lippat ho kar apne hi desh ko khokla kar rahe hein. Bhagwan in sab viron ki aatmaon ko har bhartiyon mei basa de.

  4. these all thing are tresure of india.we should respect them.
    eh sariya cheeza desh de mhan shaheeda diya ne jihna ne apnia khushia, apni zindgi nu desh to kurbaan kar dita ta jo asi azaad BHARAT wich sah le sakiye .


  5. i want to do smthing like BHAGAT SINGH. because now again INDIA needs a big bang for get freedom from crupted politicians.

  6. the inspiration these guys had was out of this world. sacrificing life for the country at such a young age. we dont have to give away our life for our country right now but being more responsible and being good as person can bring in lot of change. help should never be spoken but done thats the example that our heroes have given us.iam not a fan of bhagat singh. im a follower. jai hind

  7. Mujhe garv hai ki maine Bharat jaise desh main janam lia.

    jaise supooto ne janam lia.

    I Proud To Be An Indian.


  8. I Just Want To Say That the Pride Remains Forever And Sardar Bhagat Singh Is Still the Turban of the Nation Means the Pride

  9. its important that we keep such images intact with us these images help the youth like me to get to know what freedom is jaihind

  10. I feel proud to say tat i m one of the Baghath Singh’s fan… Even though he died, he lives in heart of every real Indian…
    Jai Hindh…!!!

  11. jai hind… inquilab zindabad…
    hume kabhi bhi bhulana nai chaiye ki bhagat singh, rajguru, sukhdev, azad or hajaro naujawano ne aapni zindagi kurban kardi, sirf hamare aj ko bachane ke liye… humhe azadi charkhe karn nai balkii khoon bhane ke baad mili hai…. so dnt ever frget thm all….

  12. the most a person can do for his country is to inspire others to sacrifice …after and before him there were so many shaheed but they inspiried only few people…BHAGAT SINGHJI wants to inspire whole INDIA …and is still inspiring.

  13. If today we are breathin in air of freedom,that is because of sacrifices made by these greats…we should not only salute them but also try to follow their ideas,they sacrificed almost everyhing for the country…so 2day cant we just sacrifice our greeds…LETS PUT OUR NATION ON TOP!!!!

  14. I feel so small in front of these tall people.

    My quest for everyday items of comfort, makes me feel bad.

    Everytime i see a Policeman loot common man right under the photo of Bhagat Singh, i wonder – why sacrifice for such a society?

  15. i love my dear ur r really a tiger of india we all missed u thanks for ur bravely work. plz come back..i love my india.. i m saluting u….. where r u……………………?

  16. agar bhagat singh tum nahi marte to sayad aaj hum in desh ko khane wale netnao ke hatho tale na dabte tumhe marna nahi chahiye tha kyonki tumhare marne se sirf tum amar hue ho desh ki takdeer aaj bhi vesi hai jaise tum chhodke gaye the

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