Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Photos, Vizag Steel Plant

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-22 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-21

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-19 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-17

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-16 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-14

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-13 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-12

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-11 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-10

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-09 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-08

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-06 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-28

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-27 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-25

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-24 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-05

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-04 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-03

shirdi-sai-baba-idol-02 shirdi-sai-baba-idol-01

sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-09 sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-06

sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-05 sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-03

sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-03 sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-02

sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-01 sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-12

sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-11 sai-baba-1024x768-wallpaper-10


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8 thoughts on “Shirdi Sai Baba Temple Photos, Vizag Steel Plant

  1. When I’m seeing these pictures I’m feeling as if I’m in the temple. Baba’s eyes are so powerful and his idol also appearing very natural, especially his feet. Thanks for sharing Baba’s pics with us.

    Jai Sri Shirdi Sainath Maharaj ki Jai.

  2. if any purpuse u visit palasa (srikakulam-distirict) u must visit shiridi sai dhyanamandirm don’t forget as a sai divotee

  3. SUPERB!!! I was a regular visitor to this temple. Now I am far off from that place, but these photos took me again to the temple. thanks

  4. These photos are Fabulous……Awesome, felt the presence of Sai for a moment in this hustle – bustle life……its actually a kind of Experience that we had been to Shiridi..after going through these photos…very thankful for One and all who supported 2 load these photos.

  5. I didn’t went to shirdi. when I am looking at these images I feel like I am in shirdi temple with my loving baba. thank u

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