World Cup comes to India after 28 years

If we don’t mention a few words in this proud moment we may not be true Indians. So DesiColours takes this opportunity to congratulate the Indian team under Dhoni’s captaincy for bringing back the world cup after 28 years.


Many cricket enthusiasts would not even have been born when Kapil Dev proudly lifted the World Cup in 1983 in England. So they all got a chance to cherish each and every moment during this world cup. Infact, the real world cup started during quarter final itself where India had to face the 3 time champion Australia. Having tested the nerves it was then the semi-finals which the leaders of two countries wanted to win. Many players after winning the game did not fail to mention the intensity of the game as being something more than the finals. Well, with these quarter-finals and semi-finals triumphs, their march in finals appeared almost a cake walk. But the Sri Lankan team was not there to simply gift it away.






The in-form players like Dilshan, Jayavardane and Sangakara made Indian bowling look simply with Sreenath leaking enough runs whenever he bowled. The last five overs of Sri Lankan innings made a big dent in the asking rate and Indians had to draw a meaningful strategy. There came Shewag and Tendulkar, the most dreaded pair and any bowlers nightmare. But it was unfortunate that Shewag had to depart for a duck and Tendulkar not even reaching his quarter century. Every Indian’s heart was in his mouth with high pulse rate as Gambir walked in followed by Virat Kohli.






It was after a few moments of their stand at the crease that Indians saw some hope. As the game was picking up and cruising superbly Virat Kohli was out for a splendid caught and bowled by Dilshan. In-form Yuvaraj was to walk in, but it was out of form Dhoni who promoted himself to everyone’s surprise. Again we had to keep the fingers crossed till Dhoni and Gambir made a meaningful contribution. One must praise Gambir for his courage to play aggressively even at 96 instead of wasting the balls waiting for his century. But he broke everyone’s heart by not getting the century instead getting clean bowled. Finally it was Yuvraj and Dhoni who made the target of 275 look very simple with enough runs in spare.

The six from Dhoni’s bat drove the last nail to the coffin and thereafter it was just history. Dhoni has silenced the critics with his unbeaten 91. Now he has teared the team test No. 1, ODI No.1, T20 world champions and world cup champions. What more one can ask for from these men in blue who were almost on the verge of breaking into fragments about two years back?

Video: Cricket World Cup 2011 – India vs Sri Lanka Final Full Match Highlights

Last but not the least, no player of the team missed a word of praise on Tendulkar and they carried him on their shoulders on a victory lap through the boundary. For Sachin’s career spanning 21 years this is a moment of joy and the highest ever achievement he was longing for. No one is sure of his place in next world cup but no doubt the entire Indian cricket fans and for that matter the fans cutting across different barriers in the world would always pray for his continuation as long as he wanted.

The whole India prayed, the Maharashtra government declared the day holiday. Cinema theaters stopped screening movies instead it was just world cup of course at a cost, the business in malls virtually ground to a halt but giant screens were alive with more than usual numbers assembled in one place watching with deafening noise, friends and relatives getting invitation from the near and dear ones as if it was a festival. While these are the moments before and during the game, scenes after the game was more of a festival day with crackers being burst more than Diwali and all the commodities related to celebration getting sold beyond imaginable proportions? This time the tournament also facilitated meeting of heads of countries like Prime Ministers and Presidents. The PM of Pakistan was quick to accept the invitation from Indian Prime Minister and so was the President of Sri Lanka from Indian President.

Fittingly the BCCI themselves announced a fat reward of the players and selectors and the chief ministers of different states fought with each other in showering not just the verbal praise but also with material like flats, plots, cars, awards, promotions, etc. The Prime Minister and President of India did not delay in hosting a party to celebrate this win. It will certainly be a few days of only celebrations.

DesiColours wishes the team to achieve many more such enviable feats.

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